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If you missed the viral Jennifer Aniston Salad moment that took over social media this summer, allow me to introduce it to you. Jennifer Aniston shared this salad recipe originally back in 2015 when doing an Instagram takeover for the Living Proof brand. It again made a reappearance in a TikTok video this summer. She […]

Jennifer Aniston salad

Amazing Jennifer Aniston Salad (Quinoa Style)

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Summertime is the perfect time to try this light and cool chickpea salad recipe. Made with real food ingredients and textures that will leave your tastebuds craving more.  You’ll be surprised how something so simple to make is not only delicious but leaves you feeling full. Perfect for a lunch dish or small side salad. […]

chickpea salad recipe

Easy, Greek Chickpea Salad Recipe (With Healthy Vinaigrette)