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To understand the negativity bias, let’s first explore the Muller-Lyer Illusion. Take a look at the image of the lines below and quickly answer: Which line is longer? Automatically, your brain registers (B) as the longer line. Now, look at it again without the arrows. The lines are exactly the same.  This is a visual […]

Negativity Bias 101: What is it? How to overcome it?

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Each and every day, our brain is constantly producing thousands of thoughts. Most of them are subconscious and the negative tend to outnumber the positive. Learning how to overcome negative thoughts, in particular your inner critic, is a skill that takes continual practice. However, the benefits are immense.  We spend between half to three-quarters of […]

How to overcome negative thoughts (inner critic)

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts (Inner Critic)